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At Maison d’Afie, we design around the woman’s experiences, offering her garments that can be explored in varied ways and which transition smoothly from season to season. We work with small groups of creative artisans and strive to design clothes that are not just sensitive to time but equally as relevant in the future as they are today. We want our clients to have long-lasting relationships with each product they choose to purchase from us so we endeavor to make clothes that meet our savvy client’s quality demands and which contribute towards improving the lifestyles of the craftsmen behind the garments.

Maison d'Afie is made of a family that was raised in adversity but held firm to the principles of sharing and caring . We are committed to supporting small projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for the less privileged. We believe that the best help we can extend to others is to help them flourish in the skills hidden within them. A proportion of our sales go towards enriching the lives of less privileged children and orphans in Douala, Cameroon, by contributing towards their healthcare and education. With the purchase of Maison d’Afie ltd
garments, we invite you to be a catalyst for positive change through these small actions.


There are a myriad of verifiable health benefits to be obtained from wearing natural and/or breathable fabrics, they help in regulating the body temperature, some like silk are hypoallergenic, and facilitate body cell respiration,

 All of our fabrics are sourced conscientiously with the focus on the breathability of the fibers. We use natural (such as silks, linen and hemp) and cellulose (such as cupro and viscose) fibers which are custom woven for us into the luxurious fabrics used in crafting your pieces.  

Sourcing our fabrics takes several months as we are directly involved at every step of the process up to the finished woven fabric.

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