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There is immense power in a name; Afie is the short form for Affiong a name from the Calabar tribe of Nigeria which means, to have a flair for creative expression with one’s hands. Sarah Divine Garba is the creative head behind Maison d'Afie and named the brand after her mother a dressmaker in Cameroon and founder of “Afie of Douala” a dressmaking business she ran in the 1980s and 1990s.
Born and raised in Cameroon, from a very early age, Sarah was exposed to her mother's creative universe, filled with texture, colour, and prettiness. Playing seamstress in her mother’s Atelier as a little girl were the formative years that gave her an early understanding of cut, fit and proportions which she further developed working alongside her mother in her older years. Her childhood fascination for designers such as Jacques Fath, Jeanne Lanvin and Jean Louis Scherer from whom her mother took references continues to inform her work which is now known for its mid-century finely tailored pieces. Sarah trained as a Chartered Accountant in England, a more secure route chosen by her parents but the 2009 credit crunch revealed that this path was not as dependable as expected and prompted her to follow her true passion. While building on the foundation set by her mother Afie, Sarah continues to hone and refine her skills in fashion while building a brand that reflects her journey and beliefs.


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