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Drawing from the designer’s West and Central African roots, Maison d’Afie brings a refreshed and refined interpretation to classic silhouettes. With a preference for customized breathable fabrics, the brand uses old reliable mediums of craftsmanship working with small groups of artisans in Cameroon, India and across mainland Europe, to create elegant streamlined dresses with
unexpected eye-catching details. Since launching in 2010, the brand’s beautifully crafted pieces have slowly gained international acclaim landing digital press features in ELLE, British VOGUE, FORBES and several highly praised blogs. Maison d’Afie strives to offer its clients well-tailored elegant pieces with a strong cultural flavour, which transition smoothly from season to season and with which they can fall in love over and over again. With sustainability as a fundamental value, Maison d’Afie upholds that quality over
quantity is the only true way to counter the pressures that exist within the fashion industry and is a more responsible approach to society and the environment.

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